Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Callie's first day of school was actually a little more difficult than her first day of Kindergarten...for me! I guess it is because the "firsts" are quickly ending. For her whole life, I've lived through her first moments..taking steps, trying new things, playing sports, gaining independence. I am thankful that I have been able to experience every single first, but it is bitter sweet that my baby is not a baby anymore. Thank you Lord for every single sweet moment You have given me with her. I have not taken one moment for granted.

She let me make her a special first day shirt. It had to have a peace sign because those are her favorite. Callie has her own "style." She likes to be included in all outfit decisions.

This is a new tradition at our home. Every year on the night before her first day, we conduct an interview with Callie. She answered questions about everything from her thoughts about first grade to what she was most excited about. The answers were hilarious so I think it was be pretty special to her down the road.


Ready to go! We love her school. This picture cracks me up..she was so sleepy. It's hard to get up early after summer break.
This is what happens after the first day. She fell asleep holding Jack's paw:)

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