Monday, November 12, 2012

My favorite things....

Since I love Oprah and she has a list of favorite things...I thought I would make mine!! My list and Oprah's list have NOTHING in common because...well...I'm not a billionaire several times over. So here goes..and I am actually going to give some of these as Christmas gifts.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers! I love these colors for fall(especially the navy) and the best part is that Loreal donates $1 of each purchase to Ovarian Cancer Research Center!!They also have nail polish, lipstick, and lip gloss. 

I love this hand drawn print from Blossom and Vine. I wish I could decorate my house with these prints all over the place. Best of all, the proceeds from this purchase go to support Compassion International. It is an 8x10 and you can print it off at any Kinko's etc. I would love this framed next to my bed:) HINT HINT Matthew and Callie!
If you love to travel and have a 5-10 year old, Little Passports would be a great gift! We love to travel and are fortunate enough to be able to often but I will definitely still be purchasing this for Callie as a Christmas gift. With a paid subscription, you receive a starter kit with a suitcase, passport, stickers, and more. Each month following, your child receives a new package with a sticker for their suitcase, souviners, letters from Sofia and Sam, and education materials about the country they visited that month. This product has received great reviews and what kid doesn't love getting mail?!
I can honestly say...this dog coat is on my list because it is a need at our ridiculous as that sounds. Poor Jack needs a coat and this one should keep him toasty. It is from Lands you can't go wrong. Oh and you can monogram it=perfection.
Birchbox....oh how wonderful. We we went to our family reunion a month or two ago, my cousins went on and on and on about how I must have a Birchbox subscription. Well, they were right! Each month, this precious little box gets delivered right to your door with all kind of wonderful goodies and samples for $10 a month! There are all kinds of cosmetics, lotions, beauty products, and more. And all the products you get are specialty brands..meaning the very best! You can also give subscriptions as a gift, which is awesome....or just gift it to yourself like I did:)
The Kindle Fire HD is going to be Callie's big Christmas gift from several of us. We've all bought for her separately and we end up spending a lot of money on way too much stuff. So this year, she has asked for a Kindle Fire and when we all chip in, it will be less than we usually spend. This gift is great for Callie because she travels often. I can also limit the websites she can see and load a lot of awesome books on there for her.

Noone in their twentys would want this next item...except for me. So you may just want to skip over this one....but its my blog and my list haha! Fast Frames for my sewing machine...basically an embroidery dream. And (Matthew Bryan Smith or other family) it is only $50! I have the whole set except for this one, which I know I would use all the time.
The thirty-one XXL utility tote is one of my favorite products. I will be giving two of these as gifts. This thing is HUGE. It can fit all your groceries on one of those,"oh no, we have no food at all," trips. The three smaller totes fit perfectly inside. It's a must have. They also have a black pattern.

I want some of cute! Boot cuffs have become some popular this year. I found these on etsy. I was tempted to learn how to make them but the last thing I need is another craft.  
There's just something about these hand illustrated note cards I love. They are just so simple and sweet.....I would totally frame these for my office.
I love this Corinthians unique. Also.....on etsy!
There ya' have it! My favorite things:)

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