Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doing to Much

I am an avid blog reader. I have 10-12 blogs I read every soon as they are updated. So much lately, I am reading blogs of moms who do sooo much. I frequently read a blog of a mother who literally does it all. I love her blog because she posts lots of money saving deals, however she often posts about everything she does on a daily basis. She feeds her whole family with organic foods, coupons, makes her own laundry detergent, deodorant, and swiffer refills. She writes one love note to her husband once a week, spends $40 a week on groceries to feed a family of 5, and adheres to a daily,weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules.She reads 4 novels a week and schedules her "rest" time. This is only the beginning.
My first instinct in reading all of these things is to compare myself to her....AKA the kiss of death. I quickly remind myself that God has not placed it on my heart to do all of this....and if He has placed it on her heart then good for her! My point is that we get so easily distracted as mothers because we are looking at what other mothers are doing. We "pin" ways to be more efficient, more crafty, more frugal, more this and more that until we push God right out of our schedule. Don't get me wrong...I love being efficient, frugal, and crafty but my ultimate goal is to walk the steps that God needs me to walk for His glory. I learned about a year ago that as a mother, sometimes blinders are the best way for me to be productive. I have to listen to what God says and then only do what He says.  Lyrics to a worship song pop into my head..."Jesus only did what He saw You do..He would only say what He heard You speak, He would only move when He felt You lead.." Jesus only moved when he felt God lead. How many times do I move and do and do and do and waste so much energy on things that God did not lead me to do. For me, wasted time has always been spent on things that appear perfectly great. However, replacing what God plans for me to do with a list of things I need to do to compare to "supermom" is the same as saying "No" to God. I have been guilty of this so often. Not so much of telling others everything I do but actually thinking that I should be doing more! This year, my goal is to listen to what God is saying and do only that. Because, God has a unique plan and set of directions for each of us. How clever the deceiver is, to use good things that other mothers do, to distract us from His will. So here is a rough outline of things I know God wants me to do so far this year:)

2013 Goals
  • Become emmersed in His Word.
  •  Focus on the person God is trying to mold.
  • Focus and refocus and when I begin to get off track...refocus again. (this happens about 500 times a day:)
  • Become more dependent upon the Lord.
  • Honor Him with my choices.
  • Read, read, read my Bible. is that song. If you haven't heard of Jesus Culture, buy their album on itunes. They are amazing.

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