Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel

December 10, 2011
 was one of the best days of my life!
It is the day we became a family of 3.
I am extremely laid back...not a bridezilla by any means.
 I wanted a casual, small, go with the flow.
I was student teaching, living out of boxes, just graduating college, and in the holiday season.
The day started out with sleeping in and then getting ready....
Callie was my maid of honor..it was pretty much perfect. My oh so talented sister and her friend Lindsey did all the hair and makeup....except I did my own mascara...because I am weird about it.

I'm not sure if it gets cuter than her.....nope it does not!
My husband sent gifts and I loved them// a Bible with my new name and the original of poem he wrote me. He was so worth the wait.

Callie was precious..what a big day for her.
And then we said, "I do"

Exchanging Rings
Matthew's dad married us which made the ceremony so special. If you were there you'd know why we were laughing but it's too long for this post.

The guys.... (Chris, Dan, Brian, Jamin)
and my girls! (Allison, Ami, Me, Stef, Sarah)
Our friends are like family and we were so thankful to share this day with them.

P.S. Separate posts coming with the reception and all the DIY projects that went into our day. Also, we have a very large family so I am excited to share those pics of future wedding posts too!

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