Friday, September 13, 2013

Travel Post- Amsterdam

Let me just start by saying that I am the worst blogger ever! I am working 2 full time jobs but still..I am awful at posting frequently. I am going to get better! I wanted to document our 2 week in Europe this summer. I have so many photos that it is hard to choose which pics to share. Matt and I (Matt does most of the work) lead groups each summer on international travel tours. We are usually gone about 2 weeks or less and find so much joy in showing others the world. As parents, its a crucial part of Callie's life to see how wonderful our world really is and how many different cultures there are to experience. I could go on and on about that in itself! She has experienced 4 countries so far and by next summer will have been to 9. It's such a great time and we enjoy these experiences as a family. So- here was our first stop this summer: Amsterdam. When you think Amsterdam, a few things come to mind. For some, those things are canals, the city built on water, The Anne Frank House, and tall skinny buildings. For others, it's legalized marajuana, legalized prostitution, and a wild night life. All are true..except the night life part..I'm not sure because I am so tired by the end of the day that I usually fall asleep before it's even dark outside. (It gets dark in Europe around 10:30-11:00 pm!)
 This is the iconic I amsterdam sign. People climb all over this thing to get a great shot! Below is my Callie resting in the "A."
 It was really hot this day. This was also our first day after a 12 hour plane right. When we landed, it was early in the day so we stayed up to get ourselves adjusted to the time change (6 hours) but we were exhausted!! At this photo below, we had been awake close to 40ish hours.
This shot shows us in front of a canal. Amsterdam is known for their beautiful canals and they were amazing. I have also never seen so many bicycles in my whole life. Matt and I love to rent bikes in Europe and ride around the town...not in Amsterdam. You will get killed...seriously..thousands of bikers all the time...jumping curbs and darting in front of traffic.
 This is our whole group minus Matt. We had an awesome group this trip. They made fast friends and the bond they share from this trip continues. This fountain is right in front of the i amsterdam sign. We cooled our feet in the water and rested. This is also right outside The VanGogh Museum. If you ever get the chance to see a VanGogh original..take it! Pictures of that to come.

This was at dinner on our first day. We were tired. Callie is an expert traveler. She has always been the easiest kid to travel with since we started traveling when she was young. She can get through security, passports, and customs like a pro. We are proud! We tried to eat authentic Dutch food here but we are both very picky. Shortly after this picture, we walked a block or two and found a pizza stand and a neat art stand. Pizza=happy americans. Art for our house= happy Matt.

More Amsterdam soon! Oh yeah..I wanted this bike. How cute is that?! Our tour guide told us the Amsterdam locals have 2 bikes. A nice bike and an ugly bike. The ugly bike is spraypainted and is well, ugly. They use this bike most of the time. On special occasions, like date night, they use their nice bike. This one would def be a nice bike.

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