Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amsterdam- Holland Countryside- Cheese and Wooden Shoes Factory

So, I am continuing my series from our trip to Europe this summer. On Day 2, we traveled to the Holland countryside to learn how traditional wooden shoes and Dutch cheese are made. This cheese was delicious!!! In Holland, they still wear wooden shoes for gardening. Holland is built on water. They explained this really complicated process of how they did it and I semi-forgot everything except for the fact that the buildings' foundations crack because of the water and that the ground is always muddy. Hence, the reason they wear wooden shoes! The wood protects their feet from moisture and back in the olden days:) they protected the gardeners feet from cows that might step on them..true story! The guy that owned the shop was hilarious. He actually carved a pair of shoes for us and explained the different types. Here we are in front of all the carving equipment.
 Dutch Cheese...I will never forgot how good this tasted. Even Callie loved it! They make it fresh in their shop everyday.
 Here are some different types of wooden shoes. They have shoes for gardening, weddings, church, and special occasions.
 Callie wanted her wooden shoes to have her name on them (I loved that idea). The owner was able to burn them into her shoes. We bought the size she wears now so we could remember how old she was when we went to Amsterdam.
 This photo is blurry but I loved her trying on the children's shoes. My cutie pie is a sport! My mom made her this dress with vintage linens. I was born in Holland, so this trip was very special to me. I was able to show Callie part of where we lived while I was small.
 Callie was part of the presentation on how they make cheese. She loved getting to help out the demonstration.

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