Monday, February 24, 2014

7: Day 24

I haven't had any caffeine for 24 days. It's a miracle. We only have 4 more days on this journey of 7 foods. In one way, I am looking forward to flavor again. I have thought about chips and salsa in a way that most would say is weird. I even had a dream about it. A professor I work with makes this delicious salsa with black beans and cilantro. I asked him to please make it next week, and I would pay for it in girl scout cookies! I'm ready for a Sprite. I'm ready for any other meat on this planet except for chicken. I'm ready to never spend another penny on sweet potatoes, because I am so sick of them. In another, completely opposite way, I am loving the change this has made in me. I didn't think I could do it, and proving to myself that I can has felt great. My pants are literally falling off. I'm sagging and can't help it. My skin is clearer, and I have so much energy. I feel one million times better physically. I have slept better, and thought clearer than I have in so long. It's amazing how the foods we eat effect everything. My mom told me this weekend that my skin was brighter, and that it was noticeable. Our secretary has commented on how much weight I've lost. All of that is wonderful, but not as wonderful as what this has done for me spiritually. It is rare that we have to suffer for our faith. In America, we are blessed to be able to read our Bibles when and where we choose. We are blessed to not have to hide our Bibles, in fear of prosecution. We never have to change our comfortable American lifestyles for our faith. When I examine Jesus, I see a man 100% content with what God provided. How different are we? With every craving of the past 24 days, my likeness to Him was made clear- I have too much. It's just like the spoiled child who is happy with nothing, because she is given to much. I've never thought about food the way I do now. Every bite is God provided, and I will give thanks for Him providing for my need. I was reading in Exodus about the people after God had split the sea for their deliverance. Even after that, they complained ALL THE TIME. They complained and complained and complained. How spoiled can you get? God split a sea for you, to save your life, to give you life and yet still complaining. At one point, Moses has had enough and he says, "Do you not understand that you are not complaining to me? You are complaining to the Almighty God?!" Those words sear conviction into my heart. How much do we "vent" and complain, diving in to self pity, when we are actually complaining at the very heart of the Father? My complaints are to Him, who has supplied abundantly for me. This song has been on my heart for about a month. The lyrics say,
                                             Oh to be like You,
                                             To give all I have just to know You
                                             Jesus there's no one besides You
                                             Forever the hope in my heart
I know I have shared this before, but through this time of fasting this has been the song in my heart.