Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 update! Day 18

Day 18. I can hardly believe it is Day 18. In some ways, this month has flown by. In others, it feels like a million years. We have 10 days left. I know that we have all had bad days and great days as we have given ourselves less food choices than ever. God is using this in my life, I know that for sure. I am reevaluating what happiness is and where it needs to come from in my life. I am starting to feel gratitude, pure gratitude, that my heart and plate is full. I am carving out more room in my heart for Jesus to fill up. Denying myself has been difficult, but it means more Jesus. It's so worth it. I need nothing if I have Jesus. I am seriously slacking on my food pictures..but here are a few.
George Forman chicken and green beans. This is my dinner every night. I sometimes have whole wheat toast.

Trust me on this- the Del Monte Blue Lake French Style Green Beans are the best green beans in a can. Delicious. Perfect in every way. I also like them steamed, but these take 3 minutes and they are sooo good.

Cinnamon Apple Chips from Fresh Market: Sarah was ranting and raving about these. I picked some up and she was right..they are amazing!

Sidenote:  I do not like sweet potatoes. You have my word on this, I will NEVER eat a sweet potato again in my life. I am really down to 6 foods, because I cannot get another sweet potato down.

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