Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6

Day 6! I love you already. I didn't wake up with a pounding headache..just a weak throbbing headache. I fell asleep reading scripture last night (at 9:15 next to my husband who fell asleep around 8:00 with all the lights on). I'm in Genesis and learning about how God paved the way the Abraham and his descendants. His power is so great. As I sit here in 2014, His message is still the same.. I am good and I will take care of you.
I also woke up to Sarah's scripture she is reading through..powerful timing.
Our Father knows what we NEED. Need here is the key word, need not want. The promise is that when we seek His kingdom, the things we need will be added to us..amazing.
So thanks for that Sarah!
A surprising thing to me in this challenge so far, is how big a part  food plays in my life. I have never been an over eater, had weight issues, or struggled to stop eating. Up until this challenge, I just called myself picky. But through this, I have feel extremely frustrated, depressed, and moody denying myself the foods I am most comfortable eating. I have felt entitled and even thought, "this is not fair!" It's in those moments, I feel deep shame, and realize that I am not entitled to anything.
I hate entitlement. It enrages me. And to see it in myself is the worst possible thing.
At the Passion Conference this year, I remember Christine Caine talking about entitlement. We are the most entitled generation yet. We want everything instantly, and the world owes us.
 But in fact, anything less than death is grace.
Anything less than death is grace.
The cross that Jesus died on was my cross. That is what we "deserved." And He took it and let our sins literally crush Him. We are not entitled to anything. We are entitled to death and that is all. Anything less than death is grace.

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  1. So proud of you and Matt, Beth! And, more importantly, so happy to see the positive results already in you guys. Thanks for being the wonderful folks you all are!