Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5: The 7 Experiment

Just some meals that we've been having. I apparently use the same plate for every meal! Sarah says the apple chips are delicious. I am going to have to pick up a tub of those.

Day 5 is going pretty good so far. I have already had my toast, water, and Motrin. Who knew caffeine withdrawals could be so bad?! I slept horribly last night, and tossed and turned for several hours. I have started to pray that I can grasp the concept of eating to live not living to eat. Why do I need to be so picky? As long as it fills me up, and is healthy I should be content with that. I have eaten 2 bunches of bananas by myself in one week. I also made a yummy smoothie with frozen bananas, milk, and almond was sooooo good. Anyway, today is good. I still have flu like symptoms, but I am praying for joy anyway.
Isaiah 12 popped up on my phone this morning- Thank you Jesus.

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