Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Days 1-4: The 7 Experiment

Today is Day 4- The hardest day so far. I can tell you that Day 1 was not too bad. We were so excited to start this challenge, and our foods were not too bad. Day 2- I went to a Superbowl party at church, and prayed to pass by the delicious chicken and waffles and brownies and cookies..I could go on. Either way, I stuffed myself with bananas and chicken and drank close to 60 oz. of water. Day 3- I woke up with a serious headache, and began dreading chicken. That leads me to Day 4. Oh, day 4, you are already kicking my tail and it is 9:26 A.M. I feel like I have the flu. My body aches, my head is pounding, and my joints feel like I am 102 years old. I googled, "caffeine withdrawal symptoms," and I match every single one. I guess 64 oz of sweet tea everyday for the last 12 years is going to be painful. Ridding myself of the extra is going to be painful.  Every ache reminds me of my excess. I am sickened at myself at the thought that in some countries, clean water is a delicacy, and I am so spoiled, I have to have a water app. to get through drinking it all day. (By the way...the water app..plant nanny for iPhone). Callie was a sweetie, and she ate chicken and a sweet potato with me last night. I am going to cook for her tonight, something not in my 7 foods. I am reading through this chapter of 7 slowly, because the things Jen Hatmaker says remind me of why I am doing this.
"Would Jesus overindulge on garbage food while climbing out of a debt hole from buying things He couldn't afford to keep up with neighbors He couldn't impress? In so many ways I am the opposite of Jesus' lifestyle. This keeps me up at night. I can't have authentic communion with Him while mired in the trappings He begged me to avoid."

That last line pierces my soul and encourages me on. "I can't have authentic communion with Him while mired in the trappings He begged me to avoid."
My Prayer:
Oh Jesus- that I could have authentic communion with You. That my life would reflect your simplicity and fullness in God. As I am uncomfortable, please be with me and remind me that this is a mess of my own making and that You are making me fuller through this. I know that You change me through letting go of things I don't need to make more room for You. I want so much to be like you.

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