Friday, March 7, 2014

The 7 Experiment: Month 2- Possessions

Now that month 1 is over, we are quickly transitioning into a new month of eliminating excess- possessions. The goal this month is simple- give away 7 things a day for a month. We are all doing this as a family this month, so for the three of us, that is 21 items per day. That's right- by the end of March, we will have given away 651 items as a family. There are a two ground rules- 1.whatever is given away will not just be repurchased, 2. we are hoping to give these items away to a person or family rather than goodwill, etc.

We are on day 5 and truthfully, compared to last month, this month is pretty easy. I know it will get tougher as the month goes on. I am leaving last month with so much gratitude. We take so much for granted. Matt and I had our first meal on Saturday, and we both felt really sick. I asked him how he felt, and he said that with every bite he takes, he thinks about millions of people who starve on a daily basis. Food will never be the same for us. Sarah said that last month taught her how weak the flesh is and that we need Jesus every second of every day. This is so true. Besides a horrible choice to have Japanese as our first meal, I felt at peace. Not with the Japanese food- oh my gosh- I felt horrible the whole day. I felt at peace knowing, truly knowing, that I can be filled with joy with basics. Last night, Matt told me that he missed the 7 choices of food. I can relate to that. After feeling sick for the weekend, I reverted back to apples and bananas and little food. I just feel better inside and out. So, here goes this next month. I will take some pictures of the piles of stuff in our spare bedroom.

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