Monday, March 31, 2014

The End of Month 2- Possessions & Beginning Month 3

March is almost gone..along with over 1,000 items from our home. I have to be sooo honest was pretty easy. And part of me hates that it was so easy. I detest that we have so much that it wasn't noticeable that we gave away 1,000 things from our home. As the items go, I feel like we have more because I can actually see things again. They no longer remain under piles. Scott and Debbie, an amazing couple at our church that Matt and I hope to be one day, took our items each week to GAP- God's Appalachian Partnership. GAP aids people in need in our community with resources, children's ministry, home repairs, etc. Scott and Debbie said that our items were taken immediately as they were set out. Instead of building ourselves up a little more, giving to lift others up has been so rewarding.

There's no denying that I like to buy specific items. I'd say most shoppers are this way. For example, I do not like buying shoes. I never do. Most of the shoes I own- my mom bought me (because she knows I never buy shoes). We need new pots and pans like crazy..but do we buy them? Nope..because who really wants to spend $100 on pots to cook? Not me. I'd rather buy 2,000 scented lotions. Ok, I don't actually have 2,000..but I have a lot. I also love to buy children's clothing for Callie, journals of any sort, and makeup....even though I wear makeup maybe twice a week. The point of all of this is to say..I don't need. And I've learned that this month. I actually have enjoyed having less. I purged every single nail polish except for 5. I own 5 different colors...and that's all I need. And when I sat down to paint my nails, it was an easy decision.

 I purged so many of Callie's things from her baby days..this was a difficult part. In a way, I held onto them, still holding on to the baby years as well.  I hope I am not the only mother who does this. Let me confess, I kept over 80 VHS Disney tapes. 80. I started collecting these at yard sales when Callie was tiny. And she enjoyed them...when she was a toddler. I just kept them. I don't know why. We haven't even owned a VCR in 3 years. They symbolized childhood to me. Memories of her dancing in her Sleeping Beauty dress as she watched them tug at my heart. But I cannot live in those days. They were sweet but the present time is sweeter.   As I gave it away, I felt sad but I also felt a new energy to embrace to child I have today. The amazing, almost 8 year old, who is filling our lives with so much joy.  A coworker has a new precious baby, and she said she had a VCR. I hope she enjoys them as much as Callie did. Our items can control us to leave us in the past. I don't want to live that way anymore. This is a wonderful time in my Callie's life, in Matt's life..

So, those are my thoughts going out of month 2. Beginning tomorrow, we purge 7 types of media out of our lives. Mine are as follows (Matt's are the same): Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPad Apps, Internet outside of work related, reading blogs (I will keep this one up a few times), Instagram.

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