Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Update, Life Update, Everything Update

Good Friday Morning Friends! Media month is officially over. For the entire month of May, I had zero media in my life. TV, Facebook, Instagram, etc..all gone. While food month just about killed me, media month was a refreshing month of productivity. I was able to change a lot of things in my daily life that previously wouldn't be done, because media takes up an enormous amount of time. Among these changes: journaling. I have always loved journaling. I had really slowed down the past couple years but now I feel like I am in full swing again. I started another gratitude journal. Before bed each night, I jot down 5 things I am thankful for that day. It takes less than a minute, but it is a simple practice that changes my mindset. There are blessings around us everyday that we just don't notice. I used a Moleskin Volante journal for this because it's slim and I can throw it in my purse really quickly. The other journal I have been working on is my health and fitness journal. I've been on Weight Watchers 3 months now and have lost a little over 20 pounds. My weight is glued to me at this point. I am working out, eating healthy, and yet the last 15 are still hanging on. Slow and Steady wins the race though! I have been writing down what I eat daily, amount of exercise and calories burned, and other health tidbits. I'm really starting to think I have a sugar addiction. My sweet tooth is out of control. Anyway, my food and health journal is amazing. I doing so much better actually writing down my activity and food. As we speak, I'm thinking about a giant sweet tea! haha!

In other news, we depart for Europe is 13 days!!! Eastern Europe here we come. Callie will turn 8 while we are overseas. I'm trying to plan some super fun activities that day for her. Turning 8 in Prague? Can't beat that! I'm also assembling my packing lists. My lifegroup at church thought my packing lists were pretty darn hilarious. I always had a sneaky suspicision that I is now confirmed. I cannot wait for this trip. We are also going to Arizona and the beach this summer. It's going to be a full summer of travel for our family.

7- We are still thinking about the next 7 challenge. May is difficult because we are out of the country for 2 weeks. We know that June will be the clothing challenge- Only wearing  articles of clothing for 30 days!

Love to you all,
Have a Happy Friday!

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