Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Media Update

Hey friends! It's time for a media update! Disconnection from Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apps (except my Bible App, and WW App), Television, and so on has been, for the most part, a great experience so far. I know that Callie's baptism is on my Facebook though, and I am dying to watch it over and over again. It could never be as sweet as it was in person, but I still want to watch it. This break has made me so productive!!!

The Lord is doing so much is our midst right now. Personally, He is building patience and endurance in me as I struggle with some patience issues. I know He is using some our the trials we are experiencing to prepare us, and everyday I am more content with that. Matt and I continue to grow closer in our marriage and as parents. Blended families can often be a difficult transition but God has pulled us together and smoothed our rough edges. Speaking of blended families, Callie's dad, Stepmom Toree, Matt and I were all able to be together for Callie's baptism. It was a great day. We are so blessed to all be close friends and one giant family. All four of us have such strong commitments to keep Callie's family as one whole unit and not two separate families.  Maybe I should do a series on blended families? People ask me all the time how we get along so well. I don't always understand that question, but my answer is that we care about each others feelings, we understand our unique roles in Callie's life, and that we consider each other family. I can't imagine raising Callie any other way. Joy!

 Without media, I have started so major organization projects around our home. Productivity! All my toiletry items now fit inside of one bin..this is a miracle in and of itself.  I love bath and body products, but through the challenge of purging last month, I narrowed my collection down to only things I could use before they expired. I also discovered Fortune Cookie Soap..an all natural soap company with the best smelling soaps ever. I did some research about bath and body products and they go into our bodies just like food. Then I looked at the labels on some of my very popular brands of soaps and lotions and found that I couldn't pronounce half of the acids and other creepy things in them...so I chucked them! When I found Fortune Cookie Soap, I just started with the cuticle butter in marshmallow crème and fell in love with it. Then I bought the Krispy Creme Whipped Cream Body Butter...and the smell is amazing. I bought some of their Easter soap treats for Callie's Easter Basket because she never eats the candy. I'm thinking I may not do candy this year...hmmm that's a thought!
In other news, we depart for Europe in a little over a month. I'm finalizing my summer travel plans right now and we will be traveling...a lot. We also plan to spend the month of June working on a local mission. I am excited to share more about that when it's finalized. I am off work June and July, so I plan to soak up every last second with my loved ones. My family members are all very far apart(except for my mom, thank goodness) and I have a Prius..so that could only mean one thing- ROAD TRIPS!! We will be going to Europe, flying to Arizona, and going to Folly Beach. Maybe I could add a few more miles to the Prius and try to hit Pennsylvania, Huntsville, and Gatlinburg? Something tells me that Matt will not go for this. I run that car to death.  
Weight Watchers Update: As of last week, I am 20 lbs down! I am within 15 lbs of my goal and know this will be the most difficult stretch. I started going to Zumba and Barre with a friend and love it! I'm sore for days, but that is what I love about it. I also would love to try hot yoga. My stepmom raves about it. Sarah has talked me into running a half marathon with her in October. This should be interesting since I can currently run a mile. This winter has been awful for running. I bought the app to train for it and I am going to try. Can't make promises, but I will try. Matt is running 7 miles before I wake up... This is not inspiring me. It's making it harder for me to get up. But I know I can build back up and get some running momentum back in me. If it wasn't for chocolate covered raisins and cupcakes with whipped frosting I would be ok!
I am participating in DietBet this month. This website/concept is awesome! I really like it. Ok, so there is a bet to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. You pay $25 (as well as everyone else) and then if you make your goal, you split the pot with those that made their goal. There are official weigh-ins, pictures you post, scale photos, etc, on weight in day. This is just a motivational tool, but a great concept. You can also donate your winnings to charity, which I love. If you would like to join this challenge, just click on the picture below. We start this bet on April 12th. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. The pot right now is $1675. That will be split among everyone who makes their weight loss goal. Fun!
I am really enjoying this month. I'm reading chronologically through my Bible with the YouVersion Bible plan for it. I love YouVersion. I wish I could hug the people that made it. It's making the Bible easier and more comfortable to read. I love that I can change versions a dozen times in a few seconds flat. Amazing program. Anyway, I am in the Old Testament in Joshua... and guess what? I actually know what's going on. It helps that my co-worker is a Bible scholar. She knows everything and is patient with me. Don't you love how God places you in specific places for specific moments? We have a specific God!
Love to you all,
Have a great day!

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