Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Turning 8 in Prague

As I was sorting through the overabundance of photos I took from Europe, I printed the ones specifically of Callie's birthday. We knew when we booked the trip that her actual birthday would fall during the course of the trip, but had no idea exactly what we would be doing on that day. EF is the company that plans and coordinates our trips with students, but the downside is that the planned stops are not flexible. It's actually not a downside...unless you'd like to change the entire groups plans for your child's birthday. Anyway, turned out, May 21st would be a travel day to Prague. This meant at least 5 hours in the bus. Matt and I were a little disappointed, but we started brainstorming ways to make the day really memorable. Matt started looking up fun stops we could visit once we arrived in Prague. We decided to surprise her with Hard Rock..because let's face it- the kid loves American food. Here is a picture tour of our day.
We stopped for lunch at a medieval hunting castle.  This was the most quaint and beautiful restaurant. This is one of the castles where former kings would stay during hunting trips.  Right next to our table was a large carriage used for hunting. All over the walls were animal skins. There is also a bed & breakfast that is connected to the restaurant. If I can find the brochure, I will link it!

We arrived at Prague. Prague is incredible. This large church is in the middle of Old Town Square. Old Town Square is also called Stare Mesto in Prague. This is just as how I imagined it- music playing, coffee shops, food vendors, street performers. Amazing place!
This is the famous astronomical clock found near Old Town Square. The clock is part of the Old Town Hall,  also called Staromestska Radnice.  The clock is beautiful and every hour a processional of apostles make their appearance. We had lunch right under the clock and masses of people gather around it at the top of every hour to see the show.
 There are 27 white cross at the base of Staromestska Radnice that are placed in memory of 27 Czech statesman who were killed in a mass murder after they stood up to authority. They were forced to jump out the window, falling to their deaths. The crosses were placed to remind the Czech if the dangers of standing up to authority. That was the end of Czech nobility as rule. Now, Old Town Hall is a major tourist spot.  

We had already planned to eat at the Prague Hard Rock Café for dinner. We all had giant, unhealthy hamburgers and Callie got a sundae! We are so thankful for the chance to spend her birthday this way. It was an awesome memory!

Enjoying Prague!
I love this picture. Matt and Callie play like this all the time. It's like a chase and hit game..not for me but I'm glad they enjoy it!
As we were walking through the narrow alleyways, we found this sewing shop nestled between two eateries. As someone who loves monograms and machine embroidery, I have only seen 2 people be able to freehand monogram. It is incredibly difficult and requires years of practice. This guy was amazing. He somehow kept the hat flat and stitched out Callie's name in 2 seconds. I have no idea how he does it. Needless to say, we bought the hat.

Stitching out Callie on her hat!
Pretty great day!!
It seems like when we are on the trip, the days and moments are flying by. It all happens so fast, that we blink and the trip is over. The sweetest part is looking back at the photos and remembering our time together in Europe. 

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