Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 Questions - Callie Edition!!!

I thought it would be fun. So here goes.

1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
2. It's the first day of Fall (or Spring for you southern hemispherers) in a few days, what are you looking forward to most?
Um..jump in the leaves. And eat turkey and get my elf in a shelf out, and spend time with my family.
3. Because a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes or cut your own food?
Tie my shows, because I don't know how anyway.

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?
All glass, because it would be really cold and it would cool down in the summer.

5. Would you rather walk on you toes or heels forever?
Toes.because if I was walking on my heels I would probably hurt and probably get a scab and a boo and scab in my heel.

6. What's your favorite sense? (you have 5 btw)
Taste because maybe I might want to try something new or eat chocolate again.

7. What's your favorite movie quote of all time?
Lava Girl and Shark Boy, I like when Lava girl says, "Dream Max, Dream Max."

Mommy note: Have I mentioned how creepy I think they are?! I can't handle it.

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