Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 Questions!

I am linking up with Gentri Lee today...answering her 7 questions! (I love these. It's like take quizzes from Seventeen magazine again)
(Big Fish)
1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
Yes, I have reoccuring terrifying dreams about tractor trailors. I have also had the same dream twice that Matt falls in love with an Amish girl at the mall. (At which points, I wake him up and fuss at him about it). I read and watch EVERYTHING about Amish people. That's probably why.
2. It's the first day of Fall (or Spring for you southern hemispherers) in a few days, what are you looking forward to most?
Fall is my favorite season. Last fall, I was student teaching, living out of boxes, planning our wedding, and getting ready to graduate. This fall, I am going to relax and enjoy the season. Also, we are going to Disney..super pumped about taking Callie to treak or treat there!
3. Because a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes or cut your own food?
Tie my own shoes, for sure. I need to have control of my food at all times. Who really cares if my shoes are tied?

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?
The more windows the better. I think I would go crazy in a house with no windows. And I would probably sleep way to much. But on the other hand...creepy people are out there so I would need to spend a lot of money on curtains.

5. Would you rather walk on you toes or heels forever?
Toes. How weird to walk on your heels? Plus, wouldn't your calf muscles be huge if you walked on your toes?

6. What's your favorite sense? (you have 5 btw)
Sight-100% I can't imagine not being able to see. Callie's little face, the goes on and on.

7. What's your favorite movie quote of all time?
Now, there comes a point where a reasonable man will swallow his pride and admit that he's made a terrible mistake. The truth is, I was never a reasonable man. -Edward Bloom (Big Fish)
I love that movie. I just got choked up thinking about it. Watching it tonight.


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  1. I don't think I have ever seen the movie Big Fish I am going to have to check it out. Sounds like last fall was a whirlwind of busy for you!! Disneyland that is super exciting :) I hope your daughter has a blast.