Monday, September 17, 2012

My Etsy Addiction

The first time I heard about Etsy was from my mom. She said, "You really should get on Etsy." And that single sentence started an obsession. I love everything I have ever bought from etsy. It's my favorite store in the world and I love supporting handmade items. Here are my etsy favorites this week:)
I love these handmade rosettes. They are only $4.25 and can be made into earrings! I my just have to get these. Here is the link.

Love this little zipper pouch with crochet lace. It is so so me. This seller has such sweet and simple designs.

I love this "Ouch Pouch" kit. I realize I could just stick all of this in a ziploc but I feel like this is so much cuter. So sweet! She has several different patterns.

I may try to make this one..just a simple but sweet burlap table cloth with a white ruffle around the edge. This would also be perfect for a picnic at the park.
These are definitely too cute to pass up! Callie gets a note in her lunchbox everyday and a chocolate from her Happy Daddy( my dad). He makes sure we always have plenty so that she gets one from him everyday. I love this idea. We use a lot of index cards and paper. This set is reusable!

I think this would be such a perfect gift for the friend who loves to cook.....and who doesn't love a monogram?! It is a personalized recipe card set, so sweet!



  1. that is so sweet that your dad gives her notes!! what a gift!

    And I got some of those cute rosette earrings off of etsy too! I want GIANT sized ones to put on Veda Jane's wall but I don't think they exist.

  2. Can you come decorate Callie's room like Veda Jane's..because her room is so so so cute!