Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Day

Apple Day is a big deal here...and it's fun! There's a crafts festival and other fun activities for the whole family. At Callie's school, they have been celebrating Apple Day all week by tasting apples and most importantly....talking about Johnny Appleseed!! Matt volunteered to go read to her and class and dress up like Johnny Appleseed (such a good of my favorite qualities about him). He needed to of course wear a pot on his head , sport some overalls, and freckles. I baked some apple cinnamon muffins for her whole class and I think she was pretty excited.
 Matt and Callie:)
Johnny Appleseed with all of the first graders!
One a side note- this time last year was the first time Callie came to Kentucky to really visit and see where she would live. We went to Apple Day. Here is that picture one year ago:)
Happy Apple Day!

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