Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coat Shopping...

As you may know, internet shopping is one of my favorite things to do! I can compare lots of different choices and decide what I really really really want/need. Callie needs a new coat for this fall and here we go. I used to buy her several coats when she was little- a cute peacoat, raincoat, fleece hoodie, ski coat...because she was so little and I didn't need them to be so durable. But now, I have the little girl who plays so hard and can destroy flimsy clothing in no time flat. I want to get her something that she can hopefully wear a year and a half. Not looking for cheap...but something that can take the beating of , snow, trips, school, and all the perks that come from living at a park. So here are some choices I'm thinking about..
This coat is made by Patagonia...and it's obviously reversible! I love Patagonia because I know it is really warm and lasts forever. This could last 2 years if I bought a little big- which I always do. It's around $120...which makes me have a bad reaction!
This is the North Face Kids Denali with a hoodie. This is exactly what I have but in Callie's favorite colors. She likes to she would like this. And mine is really this might be an option.
Another North Face...this one is fluffy:)
This last North Face is both fluffy and not fluffy. I think this is for kids who ski...which mine does not..yet.
This little gem is Crewcuts by Jcrew and also comes in red. It's the cutest puffer coat I've ever seen mostly because of that adorable flower.

Both of these puffy coats are Hanna Anderson..which are adorable but I know Callie won't wear..except maybe the cheetah one:)


This last on is made by Lands End. Its called the Girls' Squall 3-in-1 Waterproof Parka. It is the most expensive of all of them but there are some things I LOVE. It comes in 3 colors for she can choose. 1. It has a liner that zips out so she can just wear that in the fall and spring mornings. 2. It's super duper warm. 3. It's waterproof. 4. There is a stowaway pocket for mitten and gloves. 5. It hits below the hips and cover where the bottoms of her shirt is. 6. Lands End has Grow-a-long sleeves which are SO COOL because they extend as your child gets older.. making sure you get at least 2 plus years.
I'm thinking this is the coat I will go with but I have to talk it over with the little missy:)

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