Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Callie Jam

Callie joined the dance team at school this year. At home, Callie is outgoing, bubbly, and so so so silly. She has always felt a little shy at ballet or dance..except this year. I swear, something happens to my child when she is on stage. She loves all the songs and gets so into the moves. I loved watching her last night at her performance. She was so proud of herself.
Here is Callie(middle) with her two best friends. Their mom made them all three matching bows for their performace.
 Callie is ready to dance!
 Being a mommy worried about her transition to a new school, this smile makes me so happy!
 Callie loves this move...the "shimmy"
 This is my FAVORITE picture ever!! How about Callie breakin' it down?! So cute..I love it.
 Throwing her hands up!
Callie and Lydia were so tickled with themselves right when they got done, that they did a little happy dance:)

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