Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Germany Trip// Frankfort

This summer my husband and I took students from the community college (where he works) to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Lienchtenstein. I took over a thousand pictures so I have been trying to figure out the best way to document our trip. Still working on that idea... Today I am going to try to cover Frankfort. Originally we weren't going to be able to spend time in Frankfort....but another groups' flight was delayed and so we were able to spend a whole day exploring. We had all been traveling about 24 hours in these photos..so we look tired. It was a great day. I fell in love with Frankfort!

Our group...we were SO tired. But Frankfort is beautiful!
 Matthew and I stanking in the middle of the town in Frankfort. There  was a wedding happening to the right that was so sweet:)
 A beer-mobile.
 So pretty. It's so much prettier in person if that's even possible.
 Why am I leaning like this? My family would say it is the "Beth Austin head tilt." Anway..this is me sooo excited to have my first bratwurst! It was delicious. I tried about a tablespoon of authentic German  beer but about threw up..I hate beer...even in Germany.
Street performer...how cute is his dog?
Great day!

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  1. Its so true that Germany is WAY prettier in person. I always take pictures of some breathtaking views and the pictures really dont do them justice! There are street performers everywhere here, it nuts!